The Aussie Blogs update tracker and web ring are now closed permanently. Keeping the site running through solving technical issues, programming new updates to the detection routines and answering enquiry emails has been a time consuming process, and in 2005 I really feel my time could be better spent on other pursuits. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed running the site over the past 5 years, but since moving overseas my feeling of satisfaction from running the tracker has been steadily diminishing.

Thanks to the hundreds of sites that have linked to the tracker and web ring over the years, and the thousands of Australian blogs who’ve benefited from the more than half-million combined referrals. Thanks also to the volunteer editors in particular Victor and Wade. And to Benn for his design contributions.

The web ring is available to anyone who would like to take ownership, however you must have a track record of at least 3 years blogging to prove you’re going to keep it and running in the long term. You must also be over 21 years of age. This site (the update tracker) is not available.

The update tracker database is available in OPML format by request should you wish to build your own Australian Weblogs update tracker. The code behind the web site and detection bots is NOT available. The 15 Australian blogging specific domain names that point to this site are for sale.

  • Marc Fearby

    04 01 2005

    Title: Sorry to see it go

    I’ll be sorry to see the site go, though, in some ways, maybe not because checking it on a regular basis was fast becoming an addiction (and I’ve only been blogging for a month 🙂 Anyway, if there is an alternative to your fine service, would you mind linking to it so that Aussie Blogs can live in, in another guise, if not in another name. Since I’ve only been blogging for a short time, I have not proved myself worthy, but I’d be interested in hearing how much you’re asking for the domain.

  • Amelia

    04 01 2005

    Dear Anthony,

    Just a quick note to thank you for the time and effort you put into the update tracker.You did such a marvellous job for Australian bloggers.

    It is a shame to see it go, I hope someone else can take it over and maintain it at the high standard that you and your colleagues did.

    Thanks once again and best of luck in whatever you do.

    Kind regards,

  • Vegemiterules

    05 01 2005

    Title: Re:Aussie Blogs Closed

    Hi Anthony, I like other “Aussie” bloggers will be sad to see you go. It must have taken up a lot of your time and energy mate. I enjoyed coming in here on a regular basis and reading what other people had to say. Hopefully someone else will “pick” it up and “run” with it. I would like to take the opportunity to “thank-yu” for running a system that gave us all a forum to be read. Take care.


    04 01 2005

    Hmm, stop posting these nice messages. There is a glimmer of hope, someone with the necessary technical skills has stepped up, however the downside for me is that it would continue to run on my servers for next few months until it can be moved. The update tracker is actually still running in the background, it’s just the results pages that are truned off. We’ll see. Details in the next few days.

  • naridu

    05 01 2005

    While understanding of your reasons for letting Aussie Blogs go, I will be sorry to see the end of this fantastic site. It has introduced me to so many quality reads and blogs and sustained through many a long evening stuck at work. I hope someone will be able to step up and continue your great work here.

  • Simon

    04 01 2005

    Title: Thank You

    Thanks for all the work you have put it, You have proved the world the wide range of Australian blogs.

  • Mick

    04 01 2005

    Thanks heaps for setting up Aussie Blogs and for maintaining it for so long. Without it I may not have delved into blogging at all.
    It will be a real shame if we lose your site completely, and i would love to have a crack at running it, but have limited coding experience. Here’s hoping someone else will be willing to put their hand up for it.
    Anyway, thanks again and good luck.

  • David Golding

    05 01 2005

    Title: Thanks

    Hi Anthony, I would also like to say thank you very much for your efforts in maintaining the webring and developing, hosting and supporting the update tracker. Best wishes for 2005.

  • Greg Tingle

    08 01 2005

    Title: Re: Aussie Blogs Closed

    G’day Anthony

    Thanks for you all your hard work. Your work lives on, and will not soon be forgotten.

    Warm Whitsunday Regards
    Greg Tingle, Media Man Australia
    Airle Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland

  • Soon

    05 01 2005

    Title: “Don’t waste your time”

    Well, I guess this is what you meant in your New Year’s message. Still, it was fun watching it build and grow over the years into this massive monster. Now, if I were of a tech whiz/guru sort I’d step up, but not as yet.

  • saint

    05 01 2005

    What can I say mate, sad to see you go, more than understand, amazed you stuck it out this far – what amazing service you have given us. Thank you, thank you, thank you – and all the best for your future endeavours

  • Greg

    03 01 2005

    Dear Anthony,

    thank you for all your efforts over time keeping the update tracker and webring both up and running and also a home on the web, it is appreciated. I’m sorry to see the end of the site but thoroughly understand your decision to close the site.

    If you do not get anyone else interested, I would be able to take on the webring meeting the requirements of over 21 and having been blogging for over 4 years at & but without coding experience i wouldn’t be able to run the update tracker. I would love to be able to buy at least one of the domains and at least have a linking service for Australian blogs but funds are limited so if you could let me know what kind of price you would like then i can make more of a decision then.

    Thank you again for your efforts


  • Wade

    05 01 2005

    Title: Thanks!

    Hi Anthony,

    Regardless of what direction Aussie Blogs takes, I’ve certianly enjoyed the ride as a user of the system. I a perfect world the server would be on a and the admin work to get it running would be paid work. It’s not a perfect world and I’m thankful for every single blog I’ve ever read through your site.

    I really wish I had the technical skills to keep it happening; I’m sure one day people will look back on it and realise what a great invention it is. It’s just not my area of skill.


  • niki

    07 01 2005

    This site’s been a wonderful vehicle for Oz bloggers — many thanks and best wishes for the future.

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